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1.         Surname:                                     Prins                                                                                                   

2.         Name:                                          Erik

3.         Date and place of birth:              Gentofte, Denmark

4.         Nationality:                                  Danish

5.         Civil Status:                                 Unmarried, no children

            Address:                      Hyldestykket 6, DK-2970 Horsholm, Denmark.

                                                Tlf: + 45 4586 8518, Mobil: + 45 2621 8518,

                                                e-mail:, webside:  

6.         Education:


Inst. of Geography. Univ. of Copenhagen, Denmark   


From (months/year)

To (months/year)

August 1989

August 1982

August 1989 


BSc (1985), MSc. Thesis, Geography (1989)

 7.         Language skills: (1 – 5, 1 = highest)







Mother Tongue



















 8.         Membership of Professional Bodies: New York Academy of Sciences, Danish Space Consortium for Earth     Observation. Service Provider for ESA/ Copernicus

9.         Other skills:      

Super user in following Remote Sensing and GIS software: ERDAS, ESRI-sofware; Q-GIS; IDRISI; SNAP; and a host of other programs including statistical packages and machine-learning programs.

10.        Present Position:  Senior consultant/scientist


11.           Years of professional experience: 29


12.        Key qualifications:


Mr. Erik Prins is specialised in natural resource management by the use Earth Observation (EO) and DB/GIS. Within his working areas, he provides frontrunner results which has been described in Nature. PRINS is typically working as applied research and has developed several ground breaking approaches to analyse the environment. He has conducted and implemented several national scale studies of vegetation and forests for national environmental reporting issues. Based upon EO data he has made forest cover analysis in more than 10 countries, deforestation, and change detection in seven and on four continents. Within EO/GIS, he has established and made institutional build-up in more than nine countries. Furthermore, he has extensive experience in most development project components: Project formulation, management, execution, and evaluation. Specialised working areas: Natural resource and protected area management, natural forest types and deforestation and change monitoring systems, land cover / use analysis, Kyoto reporting, N2000, habitat and biodiversity modelling and mapping, EIA, field surveys and training. Further, he has extensive theoretical and practical experience with ecology, forest, biodiversity, sustainable land use, natural and semi-national habitats, socio-economic issues in relation to human geography, national resources, de- and reforestation and tropical land-use systems.

 13.       Specific experience:



Name and brief description of the project


Denmark / Tropics ongoing Prins Engineering: Documentation of causal mechanisms behind biodiversity via EO data 
Denmark Aug 2015 - ongoing Prins Engineering: Developing EO based 'EBV' for assessment of biodiversity. Ground-breaking work on how landscape structures explains species richness. Funded by 15 juni foundation. Primo 2018 under scientific publication.
Denmark / Sudan Aug 2014 - Aug 2021 Prins Engineering: Developing EO 'mashine-learning' methodologies to trace land use changes in Southern Sudan.
Malaysia Apr-Sep 2013 NepCon: Mapping of Maliau Basin Conservation Area for forest types and degradation.
Denmark/ Poland Oct 2010 - ongoing Prins Engineering: Spatial Analysis of the relation between biodiversity and old forest.
Denmark Aug 2011 Danmarks Naturfredningsforening: Mapping the darkest places in Denmark
Southern Sudan March-June 2011 Prins Engineering Southern Sudans riches biodiversity threathen by deforestation
Sudan/ Denmark Feb 2011 Global Witness: Tracking and mapping of oil exploration in oil Block 6 of southern Darfur based upon high satellite images. 
IGAD/ Kenya Sep - Dec 2010 IBL/IGAD/AU: AMESD Biodiversity project -Proto-typing and establishing of monitoring models for mapping of habitats and changes in the IGAD region.
Sudan/ Denmark March - Apr 2010 Global Witness: Tracking and mapping of oil exploration in northern and southern Darfur based upon high and very resolution satellite images. 


June-Aug 2008

WWF UK: Providing background material to a GEF project for conservation of a forest complex PRINS discovered in 2001.



FLD: SatMon project - establishment and execution of land cover changes in Denmark for the Danish Kyoto reporting based upon EO and GIS. Technical supervisor and co-ordination.


Feb 2008

Pro-Natura Int.: Preparation of EO based maps for analysis of East African Coastal Forest Types.

Sudan/ Denmark

Dec 2005 – ongoing

ECOS/PaxCristi: EIA and consequences of Oil Exportation in Southern Sudan carried out on Block 3, 5a, 6 and 7.


Apr 2008 – Apr 2009

ESA/Danish Nature Agency: GSE-FM forest indicator service for Denmark. Analysis of the biodiversity value of Danish forests based upon EO and GIS analysis.


Oct 2005 – Apr 2009

ESA/Danish Nature Agency: GSE-FM forest monitoring: Support to Danish UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol Reporting on Land Use (LU)/Land Use Change Forestry (LUCF) Activities – based upon EO data from 1990 and 2005/2006.


Aug – Dec 2005

Amnesty International: Study on the use of Earth Observation data for documentation of humanitarian crises.


Sep 2004 - Aug 2005

EU-PHARE program Ramboll, Copenhagen Development of Management Plans in Protected Areas of Lithuania. DB – expert: Design of a DB/GIS system for decision support  to management of N2000 sites

Sudan/ Denmark

May-June 2004

Amnesty International: Documentation of the extent of village destruction in Darfur, Sudan based upon Landsat data. Awarded Journalist price.

Malawi/ Denmark

March 2004

World Conservation Society: Botanical classification of Mt. Mulanje based upon Landsat data.

Malaysia, Sabah-Sarawak

May 2003 – Nov 2003

UNDP-GEF-Malaysia: MDAs for the Loagan Bunut National Park (Sarawak) and the Klias Peninsula (Sabah). Establishment of decision support and Landsat based monitoring system for preservation of biodiversity of two Peat Swamp Forest.


Jan 2002- April 2004

(DANCEE/NepCon) RS/DB/GIS Expert on the NATURA 2000 project. National mapping of habitat areas based upon EO/GIS.


Nov 2001- April 2003

A independent part of Publich  Awareness EnvironmentalInformation:Poland-Belarus Cross-border project (COWI/ DANCEE) Establishment of a common DB/GIS platform for management of forest and biodiversity in Bialowiza – Belovezhskaya national parks. GIS and image processing, capacity building.


Aug 2001- Aug 2002


UTUMI project Lindi,Tanzania. (Danida). Technical assistance (RS/GIS and vegetation) Monitoring of vegetation types in Lindi district, processing of Landsat data, designing, co-ordinating and implementation of botanical fieldwork for biodiversity assessment and mapping of coastal forest in Lindi region.

EU / Denmark

Nov. 2000 – 2002

Project (EU – MAST program): IMPRESS – Interactions between the maritime environment, Predators, and pray: implication for sustainable Sandeel fisheries. Remote sensing/ GIS expert and trainier, modelling interactions between satellite data and various marine spatial layers in 2 and 3 D.    

Malaysia, Sabah

Jan.  2000 - 2002

Project: Collaboration on  Biodiversity between University Malaysia Sabah and  Danish  Universities' Technical assistance and capacity building within the field of remote sensing, GIS and forest, biodiversity   mapping.

Malaysia, Sabah


Sep 1999 – Sep 2002


Management of Maliau basin conservation area. Sabah, Malaysia (DANCED). Establishment of GIS and responsible for 140.000 ha aerial mapping, capacity building, production of satellite based vegetation map, establishing watershed, hydrological, biodiversity layers and modelling.


Sep 1997- April 2001


CTA on “Biodiversity management in Latvian farmland – a decision support system” (DANCEE). Setting up a GIS/RS based decision support system for monitoring agriculture and biodiversity in the farmland of Latvia.


June 1998 – Dec 1999

Centre of Development Research / Danida research council. Deforestation and land cover analysis of SW Madagascar based upon multi-temporal Landsat analysis 1973-96.


June 1996 – June 1998


Project: ‘Integrated Management of Biological Diversity in Ferlo, sahelian Senegal’. (Danida). Establishment of comprehensive Satellite /GIS solution to provide decision support for National Park Management and providing of  monitoring system for biodiversity and natural resource utilization.


August 1997 -1999

Mapping of forest and biodiversity in the Bialowieza lowland forest of Poland (Bird Life) - Satellite and GIS analysis of forest cover and changes. Biodiversity assessment and zonation for strict reserves.



Sep-Nov 1996

Danish Power Consult, Danida. Environmental impact assessment of transmission line Xai-Xai to Inhambane based upon RS and fild data.


March-August 1996

(DANCEE) Satellite mapping of habitat areas in Latvian open rural areas, designing of satellite and GIS based environmental monitoring centre, for a biodiversity assessment program in Latvia.


Aug 1995- Mar 1996


Project: ‘Ghana Environmental Resource Management   Project’ (GERMP), (World Bank/Danida.). Remote Sensing adviser and trainer for the implementation of a national 1:250.000 mapping of land cover and use in Ghana.

Denmark / Ecuador

Jan - Jun 1995

Project DIVA: National Environmental Research Institute.  Satellite analysis of land cover/use of the eastern Ecuador. Advanced digital Satellite analysis of forest /vegetation types on the eastern slops of Andes.


Sep 1994 - Feb 1995

Danish Center for Tropical Biodiversity. Biodiversification “hotspots” and ecological stability measured by  NOAA  AVHRR GAC data in cooperation with MTV, RSA, EU JRC - Ispra, Italy.


May - June 1995

(EU. DG. XII. - Danish Natural Forest and Nature Agency). Development of satellite based methodology for mapping of land covers within Heath land areas in Denmark.

Denmark / Greece

April – Oct 1994

(Danish Ministry of Industries, 1994).  Development of Methods for Eco-mapping and typology via satellite remote sensing. (in co-operation with Epsilon, Greece)

Uganda-Sudan/ Denmark

Feb 1994 – Jan 1998

(Botanical Museum/Danish Centre for Tropical biodiversity, Univ. of  Copenhagen) Digital satellite analysis of the vegetation on mountains of Southern  Sudan and Northern Uganda.


Aug - Nov 1993

(UNDP). Three month course in land use mapping by digital satellite remote sensing, set up for Sudanese land use planners.

Denmark / Burkina Faso

August 1993

(Ramboll/Danida) Advising and processing satellite images for enhancement of hydro-hydrological structures for a DANIDA founded water project in Burkina Faso.

Denmark / Tanzania

Dec 1991 to Feb 1994


Danida program: ’Agricultural and Ecological Consequences of Deforestation and Afforestation in Tanzania  and  Zambia based on Satellite Remote Sensing'. Modelling and assessing deforestation in miombo woodland by multi-temporal change detection. Further, training in digital remote sensing and field survey, software handling and installing of computers.


July – Sep 1987

(COWI Ltd / Danida). pre-appraisal to the HIMA project in Tanzania. Farming system analysis, monitoring of soil erosion, afforestation and agro-forestry systems.


14.     Professional experience:

Date: from (month/year) to (month/year)

Oct 2002 to Present



Company / Organisation

PRINS Engineering


Director / senior consultant / scientist

Job Description

Consultancy in various EO/GIS based natural resource management issues


Date: from (month/year) to (month/year)

Feb. 1994 to Oct. 2002



Company / Organisation

ORNIS Consult Ltd.


Senior project manager / senior consultant / scientist

Job Description

Natural resource management by the use of Earth Observation and GIS. Carrying out project management, applied development of EO/GIS applications for analysing forest, marine, open land and biodiversity.


Date: from (month/year) to (month/year)

Dec. 1991 to Feb. 1994



Company / Organisation

Inst. of Geography, Univ. of Copenhagen


Research Assistant

Job Description

Primary working for the DANIDA program: ’Agricultural and Ecological Consequences of Deforestation and Afforestation in Tanzania  and  Zambia based on Satellite Remote Sensing'. Main duties: Satellite data processing, analysis and training, development of satellite methodologies for forest and deforestation assessment.


15.       Others: Annex includes publications, seminar contributions and other assignments of relevance. More details on projects can be viewed on:


            United States National Science Foundation (NSF) 2011



Soren Hastrup, Dir. PFF Consult, Denmark,

Jan Durinck, Independent Consultant , Denmark

Jan Peter Feil, Senior Consultant/Director, NepCon, Denmark




Prins, E (2021): Landsat approaches to map agro-pastoral farming in the wetlands of southern Sudan, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 39:3, 854-878, DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2021.1392634

Prins, E,. Ciuplys, R and Vaitkus, G: Using Landsat ETM and GIS to assess NATURA 2000 habitats on a national scale in Lithuania. (under prep.)


PRINS, E.: Monitoring old forest and biodiversity in Bialowieza/Belovezhskaya, by the use of Landsat TM. (draft): Int. J. of Remote Sensing


PRINS, E Combining Remote Sensing and GIS data sets for mapping Land-use / Land Cover in Denmark for Kyoto Protocol Reporting (Draft).


Mueller, T., Selva, N., Pugacewicz, E., and Prins, E. (2009): Scale-sensitive landscape complementation determines habitat suitability for a territorial generalist Ecography 32: 345-353, doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2008.05694.x


PRINS, E (2008): Use of low cost Landsat ETM to spot burnt villages in Darfur, Sudan.. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 29 (04), pp. 1207 - 1214. DOI: 10.1080 / 01431160701730110


PRINS, E. and CLARK, P (2007) Discovery and enumeration of the Swahilian Coastal Forests in Lindi region, Tanzania, using Landsat TM data analysis. Biodiversity and Conservation. 16:1551-1565, DOI 10.1007/s10531-006-9047-4


PRINS, E and WEBB, C (2008) Botanical mapping of rain forest in Borneo by the use of Landsat TM. (draft): Int. J. of Remote Sensing


PRINS, E., PETERSEN, B., S., AUNINS A. and PRIEDNIEK, J.(2005): Using Landsat TM and field data to produce maps of predicted bird densities in Latvian farmland Int. J. of Remote Sensing, Vol 26, No 9 p 1881 – 1891.


PRINS, E and FRIIS. I. (2005). Satellite-image analysis of the vegetation. In: FRIIS. I and VOLLESEN, K. (2005): Flora of Sudan-Uganda border area east of the Nile.Vol.2. With interpretation of satellite imagery by Erik Prins and Ib Friss and a chapter on zoogeography by Jon Fjeldså. Biologiske Skrifter 51:2. p 672-681. The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters.


SKOV, H., and PRINS, E., (2001): The impact of frontal stability on the dispersal of piscivorous birds in the Elbe estuary. Marine Ecology, progress series (1:36).


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PRINS, E. (1997): Natural resources and resource utilisation in Ferlo faunal reserves,  Pp. 37-45 in: Reenberg, A., Nielsen, I. & Secher-Marcussen, H. (ed.): The Sahel: Natural Resource Management Projects; Energy Provision; Decentralisation, Empowerment and Capacity Building. SEREIN Occasional Papers No 5, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen. 


FJELDSÅ, J., EHRLICH, D., LAMBIN, E. and PRINS, E. (1997) Are speciation “hotspot” correlated with current ecoclimate stability ? A Pilot study using the NOAA-AVHRR remote sensing data. Biodiversity and Conservation. 6, 401-422.


PRINS, E. and KIKULA,  I.S. (1996): Assessment of deforestation and regrowth in SW. Tanzania using Landsat MSS data. Forest,  Ecology and Management  Vol. 84. 263-266.


PRINS. E. (1996): Understanding deforestation dynamics in miombo woodland over 20 years in  SW. Tanzania and N. Zambia - using multitemporal Landsat NDVI. Paper presented at the workshop: Agricultural and Ecological consequences of deforestation and afforestation: 6th Aug. 1996. IRA, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


LOVETT, J.C. and PRINS, E. (1994): Estimation of land use changes on Kitulo plateau of  Tanzania using satellite imagery. Oryx. Vol. 28, No 3. July 1994.


H. SKOV, J., DURINCK. J., PRINS. E. and JORGENSEN, A. (1994):Remote sensing as an aid to map the distribution of important marine habitats for sea mammals and sea birds in the north sea. Paper presented at EARSeL Workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone Management, Rijkswaterstaat Survey Department, 24-26 Oct. 1994, Delft, the Netherlands.


PRINS, E. (1993): Deforestation and regrowth in miombo woodland, SW Tanzania. Paper   presented at the seminar: Satellite remote sensing of environment and agriculture in developing countries. Geographica Hafniensia C 1, Inst. of Geography, Univ. of Copenhagen,  p. 129-131.


JEPPESEN, K and PRINS, E (1987): Womens and trees in Kidabaga. Paper presented at a workshop on agriculture in the southern highlands, 28-29 Aug. 1987, IRA, University of Dar es Salaam.


Selected other publications/TV/newspapers/internet news:

Mongabay 6 June 2011: South Sudan’s tropical forests fast disappearing,

Ingenøren 2010: Danmarks gamle skove skal nu kortlægges fra rummet.


TV DR1 and DR2 (Danish Natiaonal TV). 8 June 2010 - Prime time 18:30 and 17:00 interview on satellite analysis revealing mass movement of people in the oil concession 5a - Southern Sudan. 


Nature 2008:  Satellite can spot razed villages in Darfur Published online 11 March 2008 | Nature | doi:10.1038/news.2008.663.


PRINS E, Bastrup-Birk, A, Johannsen, V, K, and Nord-Larsen, T: Satelliter anvendes til at kortlægge det danske skovareal.   SKOVEN, 551-553, 12, 2009.


Ingenøren 2008: Dansk fotoanalyse afslører afbrændte landsbyer


TV2 – Øst Jylland (06-jan-2010):Danmarks Største Skov tredobblet:


TV: Danish Radio (DR2) Deadline 17 and Science program on spy satellites - 22/4-2008. . Both on developed  method to trace burnt villages in Darfur

Politiken 2004 (Danish main newspaper) Satellites are becoming a useful tool to trace disarters:


PRINS (2010): Support to the definition of the AMESD IGAD THEMA Service 2 entitled: “Natural Habitat conservation assessment”: methods, input data, processing chains and outputs products. Specification and Processing of Land Cover and Land Cover Changes. Including Phrototype and Step-by-step notes for processing by the use of software ERDAS Imagine. 74 pp.

PRINS (2009): Danish mapping of Land Use / Land Cover (LULC) and Land Use/ Land Use Change and Forest (LULUCF). Based upon a combined satellite and GIS mapping approach representing the Danish territory in 1990 and 2005 .Report prepared for Forest and Landscape Denmark under the Danish SINKS KP34, Project 4: SatMon,27th November ­2009, 70 pp.


PRINS (2009) S6 Service Operations Report  Support to Environmental Monitoring Reporting Service to FLD / SNS. GSE-FM. Scaling-up Consolidated GMES Services Service Element Forest Monitoring Stage 2 of the Earthwatch GMES Service Element

ESA/EU. Doc: GSEFM-T2-S6-Ph3 40 pp.


PRINS (2009) S6 Service Operations Report Forest Monitoring Inputs for National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Service to FLD / SNS. GSE-FM. Scaling-up Consolidated GMES Services Service Element Forest Monitoring Stage 2 of the Earthwatch GMES Service Element ESA/EU. Doc: GSEFM-T2-S6-Ph3 50 pp.


Prins (2007) S6 Service Operations Report Forest Monitoring Inputs for National Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting Service to FLD / SNS. GSE-FM. Scaling-up Consolidated GMES Services Service Element Forest Monitoring Stage 2 of the Earthwatch GMES Service Element. ESA/EU. Doc: GSEFM-T2-S6-Ph2 58 pp.


Prins (2006) Satellite mapping of land use activity in relation to oil exploitation in concession block 6 in Southern Sudan.


Prins (2006) Satellite mapping of land use activity in relation to oil exploitation in concession block 5a in Southern Sudan.


Prins (2005) Satellite mapping of land use activity in relation to oil exploitation in concession block 3 and 7 in Southern Sudan.


Prins (2004): A pilot study on mapping of burnt villages in western Darfur, Sudan - based upon Landsat data. A report conducted for Amnesty International. Technical repport June 2004:


Prins (2004): Decision support for area estimation and area location of Natura 2000 habitats  - based upon GIS analysis of multitemporal Landsat data and digital land cover/use layers. Project: ‘Implementation of Natura 2000 network on Regional and National level in Lithuania.’


Prins, E (2003): UNDP-GEF Malaysia MDAs for the Loagan Bunut National Park (Sarawak) and the Klias Peninsula (Sabah) Technical report on DB/GIS and Monitoring. August 2003


Prins (2003) A Combined Mapping / Inventory of the Bialowieza / Belovezhskaya Forest of Poland and Belarus, Technical Report,

March 2003, DANCEE/COWI/Prins Engineering


Prins (2002) Technical Assistance Report No. 21, Mapping and GIS, April 2002, Management of Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Sabah, Malaysia, Yaysan Sabah/Danced


Prins (2001) Use of satellite remote sensing technology for monitoring land cover/use and as input data for decision support to land use planning in the Latvian farmland. Technical report: Prepared for the project: “management of biodiversity in the Latvian farmland – a decision support system”, Febuary 2001. DANCEE/Ornis Consult Ltd.


Prins (2001) Methods for indication of biological values and  biodiversity in Latvian farmland - Spatial analysis of land use/cover and landscape in relation to distribution of birds in the farmland. Technical report: Prepared for the project: “management of biodiversity in the Latvian farmland – a decision support system”by Erik Prins Febuary 2001. DANCEE/Ornis Consult Ltd.


Aunins A, Kalviskis K and Prins, E. (2000): Telpiskas informacijas sistemas un attala izpete, Latvian Fund for Nature, Riga 2000,  ISBN-9984-9356-3-9. – First official publication on RS/GIS in Latvian.


Prins, E (1999):  Bialowieza Forest and Deforestation analysis. Ornis Consult March 1999.


Prins, E (1997): Remote sensing data for biodiversity management in Sahelian, Africa. EOM  Vol. 6, No. 8, p 18-20.


Prins, E (1997): Natural resources and resource utilization in Ferlo Fauna reserves, Senegal – A mapping report on natural resources and resource pressure. Danida/Ornis Consult Ltd. August 1997.



Blog stuff:


Satellite can spot razed villages in Darfur; Free imaging data could rapidly pinpoint some human-rights violations. March 12, 2008 at 10:40 am | In Remote Sensing Law Current Events | by Joanne Irene Gabrynowicz


Humanitarian info: on the fantastic work of Erik Prins for Amnesty International on monitoring burnt villages using remote sensing. Amnesty used his research as part of their campaigning back in 2004-5, but Erik has just published an article, Use of low cost Landsat ETM+ to spot burnt villages in Darfur, Sudan, in the International Journal of Remote Sensing. The research is right on the mark,



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