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World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve Bialowieza / Belovezhskaya forest


Bialowieza / Belovezhskaya primeval forest is the only fragment of natural deciduous and mixed forest in the European lowland. The forest has an outstanding biological value and is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

The Bialowieza / Belovezhskaya forest is considered to be the biological riches lowland forest in Europe. 2/3 of the forest is situated in Belarus and 1/3 in Poland.  Although, more than 2000 scientific papers have been produced on the forest, no detailed common map exist that reveal the composition and diversity of the forest.


The project established the cross-border forest compartment grid, established a GIS facility in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park and made a cross-border Landsat based forest classification with 45 covers. The classification contain more than 12 classes that can be directly linked to old growth, dead-wood and high moss appearance.


The satellite derived methodology was developed in the Polish part from 1997-99. Biodiversity analysis is based upon richness filters of old growth. Biodiversity analysis and various types of data for daily management have been integrated into the GIS / forest compartments. The overall result will enhance cross-border management of the forest by the daily use of the GIS for decision support, Further, will the forest base map be used for research i.e. modeling of habitats. The above graphic file can be downloaded to be view in detail.


Client: COWI / DANCEE (2002-2003), Poster as above 1.3 mb


PRINS, E.,.(2004): Monitoring old forest and biodiversity in Bialowieza/Belovezhskaya, by the use of Landsat TM. (draft): Int. J. of Remote Sensing




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