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Africa Satellite Analysis of Ecological Stability

Satellite analysis of ecological stable versus unstable areas in Africa, in relation to bird diversification hotspots. In collaboration with Joint Research Centre, Commission of the European Communities, Ispra.

Danish Centre of Tropical Biodiversity, University of Copenhagen, 1994-1995.


Africa / IGAD: AMESD Biodiversity project - Proto-typing and establishing of monitoring models for mapping of habitats and changes in the IGAD region.



Burkina Fasso Remote Sensing Analysis

Analysis of satellite data for geological structures carrying water.

University of Copenhagen/ Ramboll, 1994.


Egypt Wind Atlas for Egypt

Updated and extended Wind Atlas for the Gulf of Suez, including additional measurement, meso-scale modelling and satellite imagery. EIA study, with specific analysis of Wind farms possible impact on migrating birds. Recommendation for establishing a common framework for Wind farm planning.

Risø National Laboratory, 1996-2001.


Ghana Capacity building and Advisor for 1:250.000 mapping of Ghana

Remote Sensing adviser and on the job trainer for the national 1:250.000 mapping of land cover/use in Ghana. DANIDA funded technical input to the World Bank project: Ghana Environmental Resource Management Project (GERMP).

World Bank / Danida, 1995-1996


Madagascar Deforestation Analysis

A multi-temporal digital satellite analysis (1973 - 1996) of deforestation and land cover changes in SW Madagascar.

Centre of Development Research, 1998.


Malawi Botanical classification of Mt. Mulanje based upon Landsat ETM+

World Conservation Society, 2005.


Mozambique Environmental consequences of a transmission line

Environmental impact assessment of transmission line Xai-Xai to Inhambane, Mozambique.

Danish Power Consult, Danida, 1996.


Production of enhanced EO maps for analysis of East African Coastal Forest Types.

Pro-Natura International, 2008.


Nigeria Environmental Impact Assessment of Power Transmission Line

Assessment of the impact of a power transmission line on flora and fauna in Nigeria and Benin.

NESA, 1994.


Senegal Integrated Management of Biological Diversity in Ferlo, Sahelian Senegal

Preparation of an integrated management strategy for sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of biological diversity. Establishment of a monitoring system for degradation.

In collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, Senegal, and IUCN. Danida, 1995-1999.


Sudan Capacity building of regional planners in remote sensing and GIS.

UNDP / University of Copenhagen, 1993.


Satellite Analysis of the Vegetation on Imatong Mountains, Sudan and Uganda.

Botanic Museum. University of Copenhagen, 1994.


Monitoring of burnt villages in Dafur

Amnesty International, 2004 / Research by PRINS


EIA of oil consession areas in Sudan - based upon EO data. Analysis of development of oil industry and consequences for human and environment. Four concession areas : 3, 5A, 6 and 7.

ECOS, 2005-2009.


Tracking and mapping of oil exploration in northern and southern Darfur based upon high and very resolution satellite images. 

Global Witness, 2010.


Tanzania University collaboration program between University of Copenhagen and University of Dar Es Salaam

Capacity building and development of methods and models for monitoring forest and deforestation under the project: ’Agricultural and Ecological Consequences of Deforestation and Afforestation in Tanzania  and  Zambia based on Satellite Remote Sensing’.

Danida 1991-94


Biodiversity and Botanical analysis and satellite mapping of Coastal Forests of Southeastern Tanzania

This project provided biological and socio-economic data for a village-based forest and woodland management project in Lindi Region. The tasks included preparation of project design and ten weeks of biodiversity and socio-economic surveys in woodland and coastal forests in two districts and subsequent reporting and presentation of results at seminar.

Danida. September 2001 -May 2002


Providing background material to a GEF project for conservation of a forest complex PRINS discovered in 2001.

WWF UK. 2008





Malaysia Management Plan for Maliau Basin Conservation Area, Malaysia

Preparation of guidelines and contributions to a Management Plan for the Maliau Basin conservation Area in Sabah, Malysia. Including recommendation and evaluation of existing data. Comprehensive biodiversity and botanica analysis based upon satellite data and GIS. Establishment og a Geo and Bio GIS for analysis and mapping of habitats.  

Danced, 1999-2002.


Monitoring of forest resources in Tabin, Malaysia.

Establishment of forest maps over Tabin, forest reserve, Sabah, Malaysia based upon Landsat TM data. Geo-rectification, enhancement, building of advanced DEM, correction for topographic effect and classification.

SLUSE (DANCED), Danish-Malaysian University collaboration project. 



Establishment of DB/GIS for Peat Swamp Forest management, in Sabah and Sarawak. Establishment of Access database and link of with GIS implementet as a monitoring system including satellite data.

UNDP 2003





Belarus Mapping and Biodiversity analysis of Belovezhskaya Forest

Satellite based forest monitoring of the forest resources of the world heritage forest Belovezhskaya. Data classification of the forest and assessment of Biodiversity based upon old forest and Biodiversity filtering. Capacity building in GIS. Modeling of Bark Beetle spreading.

Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy

DANCEE, 2002.


Denmark SatMon establishment and execution of Land Use Land Changes in Denmark for the Danish Kyoto reporting based upon EO and GIS.

Forest and Landscape Denmark, 2008 - .


Monitoring of Danish forest based upon EO data, for national Green House Gas/Kyoto reporting

ESA GMES/GSE-FM 2005-2009.


Monitoring of Danish forest based upon EO data, for national mapping of old forest and diversity.

ESA GMES/GSE-FM 2008-2009.


Greece Remote Sensing Techniques

Development of Methods for Eco-mapping and typology via satellite remote sensing. Added value to existing remote sensing software (e.g. Erdas, Arc/Info), with the objective to simultaneously processing Landsat, Spot, KOSMOS and ERS-1 satellite information for the development of river basins.

Danish Ministry of Industries, 1994.


Latvia Biodiversity management in Latvian farmland – a decision support system

Development of state-of-the-art decision support system to monitor Biodiversity values in the Latvian countryside. Establishment of monitoring system, development of landscape ecological models based upon bio-statistics from field-data and implemented into GIS and satellite derived land covers, Furthermore, extensive capacity building from farmers to state secretary. Development and demonstration of various EO/GIS methods for e.g. deforestation in Latvia and Water Framework Directive in Latvian farmland.

Danish Ministry of the Environment, DANCEE, 1997-2001.


Sustainable Agricultural Development and Biodiversity Conservation

Preparation of biodiversity strategy for agricultural areas in Latvia including remote sensing analyses and GIS.

Danish Ministry of the Environment,

DANCEE, 1995-1998.


Lithuania Implementation of Nature 2000 network on regional and national level

Technical assistance and capacity building in relation to establishing a Nature 2000 Network of protected areas in Lithuania. Focus on administrative set-up and procedures, public information and participation, and final adjustment of national legislation.

Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, DANCEE, 2002-2004


Implementation of Nature 2000 network on regional and national level - Designing and implementation of a decision support system for MoE - web based DB system for reporting on status in SPA's and other protected areas.

EU PHARE, 2004-5. 


Northern Europe Management of Heathland Birds

Management of North European heath land areas in relation to the Bird Directive. Danish Ministry of Environment,

European Communities, Directorate-General for the Environment, 1993-1995.


The North Sea Research on ecosystem effects of industrial fisheries in the North Sea

Technical assistance in terms of GIS and remote sensing applications in 5. Framework research project on the impact of sandeel fisheries on feeding seabirds in the North Sea.

EU Commission / Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, 2000-2004.


Poland Forest mapping and biodiversity analysis of Bialoweiza, Poland.

Satellite based forest monitoring of the forest resources of the world heritage forest Bialoweiza. Classification of the forest into type and ages and assessment of Biodiversity based upon old forest and Biodiversity metrixes. Capacity building in GIS.

Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, DANCEE, 2001.


A multitemporal digital satellite analysis (1975 - 1997) of the Polish Bialowieza lowland forest.

Deforestation, forest and biodiversity mapping integration of results into administrative GIS.

BirdLife – Denmark, 1997 – 1998.



South America


Ecuador Mapping of vegetation and forest types in Ecuador

Satellite based vegetation and forest mapping of eastern Ecuador.

National Environmental Research Institute (Denmark), 1995.



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