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A basic vegetation map was produced from four Landsat scenes, the vegetaion map was used to model general biodiversity and habitat maps for certain species. Integration of NOAA AVHRR was used to spot areas with paticular high resource utilization by linking degraded areas and boreholes with general decreas in biomass production.



In co-operation with IUCN and Department of National Parks, Danida has produced a a management plan of the Sahelian fauna reserves of Ferlo - 11.207 km², Senegal. In 2012 Ferlo became an UNESCO MAB site.


A corner stone in the project was information derived from satellites combined with faunal and socio-economic surveys. The build-up decision support system provided information on:


- Biodiversity, flora and fauna habitats

- Natural resources and resource utilization

- Annual update on ongoing desertification and land degradation processes

- Suitable sites for biodiversity management


We developed groundbreaking methods developed during this project have implication for management of biodiversity and natural resource utilization in the region.


A biodiversity model was developed to map number of different birds. The model is based upon field survey, Landsat TM and NOAA AVHRR data and show the number of different birds that should be observed on a 3 km transect. The model has a spatial resolution of 25 m should work in Sahelian Africa.


We further demonstrated the use of differences in Integrated Vegetation Indexes from NOAA satellites in combination with other data can reveal resource pressure at different scale, especially for boreholes and natural ponds.


Prins, E (1997): Remote sensing data for biodiversity management in Sahelian, Africa.  EOM Vol. 6, No. 8, p 18-20.


Prins, E (1997): Natural resources and resource utilization in Ferlo Fauna reserves, Senegal – A mapping report on natural resources and resource pressure. Danida/Ornis Consult Ltd. August 1997.


Prins, E. (1997): Natural Resources and Resource Utilization in Ferlo Faunal Reserves - a Baseline Mapping Report on Natural Resources and Resource Utilization. Pp. 37-45 in: Reenberg, A., Nielsen, I. & Secher-Marcussen, H. (ed.): The Sahel: Natural Resource Management Projects; Energy Provision; Decentralisation, Empowerment and Capacity Building. SEREIN Occasional Papers No 5, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen. 



Client: Danida 1996-99




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